Mobile App Development Process

Our app design process ensures minimized time to market while adhering to both specifications and budget.

We approach mobile application software development in a systematic and organized way. We coordinate with clients right from the start.

We work with our clients in a consultative manner from Project Definition and Strategy through Delivery, and all steps along the way. Our focus is always on results and client satisfaction. It drives our development process from strategic planning and user experience design to front-end and back-end development.

Project definition

The first stage of the development process is defining the scope and requirements of the project. Our consultation process enables us to clearly understand and define your needs. Very often our clients begin with a vague concept which we then help to develop into a clear software requirements specification. Key tasks involved in the step include:

  • Define the target audience
  • Define the scope
  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Define the program requirements and device specifications
  • Review overall project timeline

Wireframe / Navigation flow

This is the step where we help develop a blueprint for your app. We add value by offering ideas on how to improve and refine your original concept and turn it into an engaging application that users depend on. Key activities in this phase include:

  • Research
  • Feature recommendations
  • Define program architecture
  • Develop content outline
  • Develop creative strategy

User interface design

Once we’ve defined all the detail, we can get to work on the fun part; developing a graphic interface that is appealing, engaging and intuitive to use.


Development is the process of building and integrating all the functionality and requirements within the interface. From log-in to feedback, all specs are coded into the app along with engaging animations and graphics to enhance the user experience.

Product testing / Debugging

Comprehensive testing is deployed on the appropriate smartphone or tablet to ensure your app performs up to its specifications under a variety of conditions. All functionality, content and navigation is thoroughly checked before the application is delivered for client approval. We also will deliver a Beta copy for your review, to ensure it meets your expectations.

Final release

The final app is delivered and assistance is provided to help with deployment via download or through the appropriate store.